The Centre is also have Ethiopian national dishes such as "Injera" (a pancake-like bread) and a traditional spicy stew called "wot", which many a diplomat and tourist had enjoyed at one time or another, and will be introduced to the Indians (who have similar spiced dishes) and anyone else who is interested in experiencing its unique taste.

The other room in the center will present an exhibition for ‘injera’ and ‘wot,’ the national food of Ethiopia to offer an opportunity for people seeking Ethiopian food.


Doro wat is perhaps the best known food from Ethiopia and is often referred to as that country's national dish. This recipe makes a very tasty version with a deep, rich flavor and tender chicken pieces. Making your own homemade berber is not difficult and is essential to give the dish the proper flavor.


Injera is the Ethiopian staple bread (staple = a principal dietary item, such as flour, rice, or corn) its thin crepe like flat bread that the dishes such as Wots, Tibs and Fitfit are served on. To eat the dishes pieces of injera are torn off and used to scoop up mouthful.
Non Vegetarian Food
  Doro Wat (Chicken cooked with special chilli and onion sauce)
Begg Wet (Mutton cooked with special chilli and onion sauce)
Begg alicha (Mutton cooked with onion, garlic and ginger tumeric sauce)
Begg tibs (Mutton sliced fried with garlic, onion fresh chilli)
Yebgg firfir (Mutton and chilli sauce mixed with injera)
Firfir (Chilli sauce mixed with injera)
Vegetarian Food
  Defen mesir (Black lentils cooked with special spice)
Missir kik (Red lentils cooked with special spices)
Azifa (Black lentils cooked with green chilli, Garlic, onion and served cold)
Beyaynetu (Assorted vegetables served in on dish)
Shimbira aasa (Special mixture of chick peas flour prepared With chilli sauce)
Fosolia bekarrot (Green beans and carrots cooked with spices)
Gommen (Ethiopian spinach)
Tikil gommen alicha (Cabbage cooked with potato, garlic tumeric)
Key sir bedinich selata (Beet root and potato salad)
Shiro wet (Peas powder cooked in a special spice)
Feshly roasted Ethiopian coffee
Indian and Continental Menu also available on request.

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